About Banstead Business Guild

The Guild was formed in response to demand from members of the local business community and in conjunction with Reigate and Banstead Borough Council.

These business owners recognised the need for a co-ordinated effort, not only to protect the unique nature of the village but to flourish at a time when similar size towns and villages were struggling to survive.

The pressures on local businesses were obvious and The Guild developed into a strong voice, championing the village at every opportunity, just as it continues to do so today. The key to everything was to ensure that the business community was at the heart of the wider community and to maintain a commitment to work together for the benefit of every Banstead resident.

But the price of continued success is constant vigilance, today more than ever the challenges facing ‘local’ businesses are stark and village life as we love it is in danger of disappearing. However by recognising and reacting to these challenges we are able to not only survive, but prosper.

We embrace modern technologies but want to celebrate being at the heart of a community that continues to flourish and delight…Together we are Banstead, a statement to be proud of.

Message from the chairman

My working life is in conveyancing, the legal process of buying and selling of property at Copley Clark Solicitors.

I have been at Copley Clark for nearly 5 years and have loved every second of it.

The best bit of my job is the people.

My clients are from far and wide but obviously the majority of which are fellow Banstonions (my own word).

The Village has shown me how friendly and proud a little Village can be and I am extremely honoured to be part of it.

I am the Chairman of the Banstead Guild with a great team behind me. My aim is to create a guild which thrives and becomes a extremely valuable asset to the business community.

There is much to do with Banstead in Bloom, May Queen, Christmas shopping etc. The guild tackles the challenges with pride and dedication.

Bea Campbell
Copley Clark & Chairman, Banstead Business Guild


We meet on the second Tuesday of every two months for a mix of informal networking and committee matters. We encourage all members to attend and welcome those considering joining to come along to find out more with no obligation whatsoever to contribute to proceedings…unless they want to.

We meet at Café Italia at 5.30 pm and aim to finish at 7.00 pm, although meetings do occasionally continue with a more ‘social’ gathering somewhere appropriate.

One of the great strengths of the Guild is the breadth of business types represented by our members with every voice heard and given even weight. Sole traders and multi-nationals, charities and retailers, community groups and council members, the order of the day is always mutual respect and an acknowledgement that we are all here to do what’s best for Banstead.

Membership costs just £100.00 for the whole year, with all moneys being used to fund initiatives for the benefit of every member of the Banstead community.

Join today for just £100 a year!